So you have been away for March break, or maybe it’s another time of the year where you have had an overindulgence week.  Don’t panic, it happens.  You cannot rewind the clock so it’s time to move forward and come up with a diet bounce-back strategy.

Here are my top 5 diet strategies to bounce back from a holiday

Think of your GUT

Most of us get sucked into weight loss after a trip.  Shift your thinking, the real problem is within your GUT, it’s bloated and feeling icky – ensure that your diet plan is focused on fibre and probiotics.  I tend to do a day or two of food fasting, my diet consists of two shakes that are all about the GUT – 1/2 cup kefir + 1/2 cup water + 1 cup greens + 1 cup fruit + 1/2 avocado + 1 scoop nondairy protein powder

Think of your Blood sugar

With all the extra calories, your cells are now full of sugar that is not moving out at the same rate.  Push the sugar out of the cell by adding in fasting days and/or increasing your burn – workout three days straight the day you return from a holiday.  To ensure that you blood sugar does not further spike, make sure your diet is low in sugar, high in fibre and healthy fats.

Flush the System

This is so important if you have had a few too many drinks – ensure that you drink 2 L of water daily, and add liver tonifiers to your water – try dandelion or milk thistle tinctures or tea.  You can also boost the alkalinity of the water by adding parsley and apple cider vinegar or juice celery.

Clean your fridge

The day I get back from vacation – I use this time to clean my fridge and pantry and restock with all the healthy goodies.  I even suggest taking it a step further and buy some new gadgets that will help you prepare and stick to a healthy eating plan more effectively – something as simple as new tupperware will work!

Create your 3-day diet

I always suggest that when you are trying to get back on track that you plan no more than three days – make sure those three days are defined with an exact plan – what will you eat, how will you exercise, and are you ready to get back on track.  Incorporate the ideas mentioned above – ensure that your 3 day diet has fasting principles, gut support smoothies, lots of water and exercise!

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