So we struggle with our weight when we are social, this pandemic hits and we are asked not to be social and we struggle more so with our weight!  What does this tell us about our weight loss journey … that there is never a good time or bad time to lose weight!  Yes that’s right – we all say that if we had more time – we could focus on meal planning, but we forget that more time means boredom and boredom turns into eating more.  It’s time to stop waiting for the red carpet roll out for dieting.  If you like many others have gained the quarantine 15 – it’s time to shed that weight.  And here is why …

  • gaining weight is a slippery slope – we find that the 15 pound mark is a turning point between good and bad health.  Don’t let those 15 pounds get ahead of you – and turn into 20, 30, 40 – it happens.
  • we are in a pandemic – and your health matters – having a higher BMI puts you at risk for disease states – and this will correlate to complications in the face of COVID.
  • Your stressed!  That’s expected, and so many of us manage stress with food – the reality is that if you are in good health – and eating balanced with exercise – your stress is better managed.
  • We are starting to get social – and let’s face it – no one wants to try on last years clothes and struggle getting them on.  The jogging pants are gonna have to come off.


Ok, so it may take longer than 30 days to get you out of your mess – but this is a great group jump start.  I am starting a challenge to help my community drop their pandemic pounds.   Here is what you need to know

Challenge details

  • starts in September 2020 (registration is the month of August)
  • Challenge runs for 30 days September 14 to October 13, 2020
  •  To register yourself click here –  once your registered, I will guide you through the next steps …
  • Set up a one on one in person or virtual pre-screen session.  Let me better understand your goals, offer your body composition and give you the challenge details.
  • In September I will be holding 2 group ZOOM workshops that will outline the diet and answer questions and offer additional weight loss strategies.
  • In addition, you will have access to the challenge group chat – a forum with your participants to ask questions or simply get peer support.
  • After the 30 day challenge – we will book you in for another one on one session to see how things are going and reassess your health.
  • These are challenges – so there will be a point system and a winner.  The winner will receive a prize!

It’s your time to shine and drop the Quarantine 15!