Summer is almost here and the Fat Attack is the best way to get you feeling your best and ready to dust off that bathing suit you have tucked away all winter. This post will tell you why the Fat Attack works.

bikin hanging

As a nutritionist, you cringe at the thought of a rapid weight loss program. Rapid weight loss diets are restrictive, leave you tired, hungry and often ricochet into more weight gain down the road.

With that being said, most people understand the downfalls of a rapid weight loss program, but in the moment of desperation see it as their only hope . I decided instead of bashing the concept, I would create a diet strategy that would eliminate the common concerns mentioned earlier

The FAT ATTACK is MCC’s version of rapid weight loss. The best way to understand this diet is to think about your weight loss journey as a marathon. In your journey there will be times that you will walk , run, some times you will be going up hill and other times downhill, and for short periods of time you may want to sprint. FAT ATTACK is your sprint…it helps make up time, it pushes you to your max, and can only be done for short periods, and a recovery walk is necessary.

So this is your marathon, weather you are starting, in the middle or close to the finish line, are you ready to sprint?

If you are ready, check out the FAT ATTACK program description HERE, and to learn more, feel free to speak to our nutrition team and see if the FAT ATTACK is for you