40 going on 20! CC

HORMONES are little messengers that control bodily functions. There are many hormones in the body which are all part of the ENDOCRINE SYSTEM. There are little glands through out your body that house and govern these hormones. Hormones work as a team picking up the slack of other over worked or burnt out hormones. There are several types of hormones in the body however we will be focusing on the sex hormones which are closely related to many symptoms most of us experience everyday!

Sex hormone fluctuations actually begin in your mid 30s, think of it like a roller coaster, your hormone levels will go up and down until one day, they drop permanently. The roller coaster is known as perimenopause, and the final drop is menopause.

By identifying your hormones through a simple symptom questionnaire we can help to determine those hormones that may be burnt out or over worked through typical symptoms you may be experiencing such as hot flashes, fatigue, insomnia and weight gain. It is often the assumption that your sex hormones drive your symptoms, however there are other hormones that have a close relationship with your sex hormones and may be the primary influence to your symptoms.

There are other factors that play a large role in effecting your hormone level and they are stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and environmental exposure. The new challenge takes all of the above into account and mcc has developed a great way to help you balance your hormones.