Ok first let’s define detoxification, simply put, it is the elimination of toxins from the body.  Your body has many working parts that support this process, however, it’s nice for you to once and a while help out this process, either by reducing the toxins coming in and/or support the body to facilitate toxins going out!  There are “ideal” detox times, it’s usually suggested to perform a cleanse in the spring, as an add-on to the “spring clean” mentality.  In my opinion, the best time to cleanse is when you are ready to commit to it – go by your personal time clock – you need to be ready and will to commit to a cleanse since many events and eating situations will need to be adjusted during this process.

Detoxifications are typical treatment protocols for those that suffer from allergies, gut issues, fatigue, hormonal disturbances, and inflammatory conditions – however, we also use detoxification strategies for weight loss.  I have countless stories of patients that have calorie counted themselves silly and never lose a pound, and once we place them on a cleanse, presto, the weight starts to drop and here’s why…..

Weight gain is associated with hormonal disturbance.

One or many of your hormones may be imbalanced and this may be suppressing your metabolism, cause fat gain, depression, premature aging and fatigue.  A cleanse is a great way to reset your hormones and have them work for you vs against you.

Reduced inflammation.

One of the biggest components of a cleanse is eliminating food allergens.  It may not be a full anaphylactic allergy, but enough of a sensitivity to cause the body to produce inflammation, so by it’s elimination and the addition of anti inflammatory foods – your total body inflammation will be reduced.   Inflammation is closely connected to body fat.  For one, inflammation impairs our leptin control, this is the hormone responsible for making us feel full – so if we have high levels of inflammation we will eat beyond a natural full factor. Inflammation also accelerates the production of fat cells.

Improved digestion.

Some of the best weight loss supplements are not “weight loss” at all.  Instead, they focus on the health of the gut!  A good gut can break down food, absorb nutrients and reap their benefits (metabolism, fat burning, energy!).  A good gut needs healthy bacteria, movement, and enzymatic support.  All support systems of a good detoxification plan!

Reduced bloating

Many people have a good body fat but still feel the bloat in their belly.  Is it bloat, is it fat or is the belly distention caused by one of the above (high inflammation and/or poor digestion).  The belly tells a good story of our internal health – if it’s it bloated, you can cut all the calories you want, it won’t go down, instead, it is the focus on your stress level coupled with the foods you are eating.

Want to learn how to start a cleanse?  MCC is launching a 30-day CLEAN BELLY diet challenge.  Start anytime in April and start a detox plan that is right for you.  For more details click here.