Thanksgiving is a time of family, gathering and FOOD.  MCC would like to assist you this season with some successful strategies for a Thinner Thanksgiving:

  1. Police your portions: a typical meal can run upwards of 5000kcal!  First and best way to cut back is to cut back.  Portion your plate at the beginning of the meal, avoid second servings, or gigantic first servings.
  2. Get moving: although exercise does not undo all that you eat, it is a great strategy for damage control.  Not only does exercise burn calories, it also boosts your energy and makes you feel good, this is a great combination to assist you with making healthy choices.
  3. Make your move social: when we mentioned exercise, many might have a plan to exercise, but the day could get busy very quickly.  We suggest to incorporate exercise with your guests, take a long “fall nature walk”, after your meal.
  4. Make your whole day count: eat strategically all day.  Don’t skip meals, or over eat meals leading up to and after your event.
  5. Incorporate food fillers:  There are a few foods that can boost your success by making you feel full.  Include water, teas, soups and high fibre meals in all your meals.
  6. Reduce food fuelers: These are foods that will fuel hunger: alcohol, sugar, white bread, juices and pop.
  7. Start to make healthy swaps: as mentioned on the first point best way to cut calories is cut down on what you eat.  In addition try swapping traditional food items with healthier alternatives: white meat vs dark meat, cauliflower mash vs mash potatoes, baked sweet potato vs baked with syrup, baked fruit vs pie
  8. Start to make healthy skips: there are some food items that are so saturated with calories, skipping them altogether can save 1000s of calories: gravy, extra butter (on veggies, spread on a bread roll), hollandaise sauce, pies and cakes
  9.  Enjoy the day!  The last thing we want is for your to be regretful of making healthy choices, it is best to MODIFY options that are on the table and instead indulge in the good times with family and friends.  Best memories have nothing to do with food, it is time with people that counts!
  10. Be ready for the day after...most people will assess the damage of thanksgiving on the following day, make sure you have a planned healthy eating and exercise the following day.  Don’t dwell on failure and celebrate success with food, move on, and bounce back.