With such a successful weight loss spring season, it was too hard to just pick ONE member,  so this edition of MEMBER OF THE MONTH, we wanted to salute all our recent SPRING CHALLENGE participants!  With three different challenges: BELLY BLASTER plus 2 Milton groups at OXYGEN … our team saw dedication and transformation like never before.  We are proud that combined participants lost over 500 pounds.


I want to inspire all those members or people reading this that “you can do this!”  And after leading these unique groups I have the ability to reflect and define what were the top principles that lead to this succession.  Today I want to share these principles with you!  As you begin or continue your metabolic transformation journey, these principles are key front runners for your success.

  1. Bring your mind along for the ride – many people go through the motions of diet and exercise.  Your body will only carry you so far, it is important to bring your mind along too!  For starters make sure your mind hits the gym too!  Meditation, yoga, and exercise are proven methods of reducing mental fog and stress.  Incorporating these practices will pave the road for your success.  That’s just the road, now you need to drive!  Driving is your drive, what motivates you to do well…is it your health, your family, an event, a feeling?  Make sure you define your goals and remind yourself of your drive on a daily basis.
  2. Support comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes – support can be the MCC team member that weighs you in, the fitness instructor that gets you out of your comfort zone, other challengers that push a little harder (the challenger with the most points!), it can be the online Facebook support group real that keeps it real, venting on bad days and pimping the good ones!  A walking buddy, a loved one, somebody you just met!  Support is golden!
  3. Keep it simple:  the formula is nutrition and exercise – you need to take it up a notch.  Challengers saw success when they increased the frequency of exercise.  By attending more classes, they, in turn, improved the quality of their workouts, improving strength, endurance, flexibility and overall love to sweat.  Nutrition also evolved.  For our Milton groups, it was their first time seeing the MCC program, learning the simple WHAT, WHEN, HOW MUCH and WHERE to eat became their new formula for food.  And MCC members took it up a notch transforming the WHAT into wholesome foods while eliminated key belly bloaters.

I am very proud of all our challengers, as although the challenges end, their journey continues.  Enjoy the summer and enjoy your transformation!!