We have all heard of the Paleo diet, it is so popular that the oxford
English dictionary added it to their “new words” list, and it is the most searched diet on google.

In a nut shell the paleo diet is an eating regime that eliminates foods that our ancestors “caveman” did not have available.  The big “no” foods are grains, legumes, sugar and dairy.  Allowed in generous quantities are meats (with a strong focus on natural and organic), eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

The Paleo diet is grabbing so much attention because it has the three qualities a “diet” needs in order to be successful:

RESULTS are beyond weight loss

I should stand corrected, PALEO promotes FAT LOSS not weight loss.  FAT LOSS is all about your insulin levels.  Moderate your insulin production by eliminating sugar and grains (even whole grains) and you will not only burn body fat, you will also improve your energy level, reduce inflammation, and eliminate risk of certain disease states.


If you are…

  • A female over 40 – need I say more.  By the time you hit this age your traditional “healthy diet” will turn on you –  no longer will you be able to lose weight, instead you will start to gain.  This is because the older your get … many things start to drop. I am not talking about your bosom, but your metabolic rate, energy levels and your ability to control carbohydrates.  The PALEO diet can be your solution: it restricts carbohydrates and replaces them with high protein (building block to muscle – another things that’s dropping at this age, as well as it is the key to rev up your metabolism) and also high fat – a key element to hormonal health – once again – another thing that is dropping!
  • A Chronic dieter – once again… need I say more.  PALEO is not meant to be a diet, but instead a lifestyle.  Chronic dieters are typically “all or nothing”, they pick diet strategies that are doomed from the start: too restrictive, not conducive to their lifestyle and unrealistic to long term compliance.  PALEO will start off challenging – it’s new to you, and there is always a learning curve, but builds steam the longer you do it, your craving for sugars and carbs will completely disappear and your body will be satisfied with generous fat and protein consumption.
  • Everyone else – this diet regime has shown to improve performance for athletes, become a simple eating solution for celiacs and a saviour for those suffering with IBS, Chron’s and colitis.  If you are not a fan of “counting” your food, or limited portions, this diet will appeal to you.

The diet goes BEYOND the diet

The PALEO plan may not provide the desired results if you stick to the diet alone.  The PALEO plan as mentioned above is a lifestyle.  It advocates that you can not only eat like a caveman, but you have to live like one too.  In modern times this translate into proper exercise, and the 3 “s” : sleep, sun and stress management.  By giving the body more fat and protein and then not using it for fuel – because the body does not require it, will back fire.


MCC’s fall weight loss challenge will begin mid-September.  MCC will be unveiling our version of the PALEO plan for this challenge.  On this 6 week challenge you will learn WHAT, and HOW to eat PALEO, you will receive numerous meal plans and recipes that are simple and easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle.  If you ever wanted to try PALEO and are looking to BURN FAT this is an opportune time.  To learn more about how challenges work, I suggest ready our past blog: TO DO A CHALLENGE OR NOT.