Most of us try to accomplish our health goals on our own.  Maybe this is because the practice of health should be common sense, and we are embarrassed to ask for a helping hand, or maybe it’s because if others are aware, it may shine a spotlight on you!  The truth of the matter is; support is golden.  Support comes in many shapes and forms

#1 Support of education – learn about health from all sources. Education is available online, blogs, books, and from people, you meet for the first time.  Open your mind to this as well, don’t limit your education to scientific journals, simply listening to  people and their life stories – their experiences can teach you how REAL people improve their health!

#2 Support from your family – I can’t tell you how many times I hear a patient tell me that their health goals were sabotaged by their husband’s night time snack of chips!  I can’t imagine anyone turning down a chip in this situation.  Instead of working your willpower to the max, work on your families support.  Let them know what your goals are and their role of support.  At MCC we offer summer specials for family and friends – we know this is a time that you can lead the support and give the itch of exercise to your loved ones…on us!

#3 Support from your environment – make sure that the places you go on a daily basis support your health goals.  Slim by design is a great summer read that teaches you how to shape your environment.  It teaches you how to get the support you need from your kitchen, place of work and at a restaurant.

#4 Support from MCC – there are many elements of support at the MCC clinic.  Of course, I can state the obvious, the MCC team.  Each one of our team members will strive to teach, support and motivate you.  In addition to the team…you can get support from MCC members.  It is so rewarding to see members participate in events, go for a coffee after a class or even a drink at night!  Your workout buddies are like-minded people, they want health too!  They are willing to motivate you by ensuring that you show up to class or simply giving it their all!


Support is golden!  Weight loss is a community effort, get you and all the people know on the “health wagon” and see success!