JANUARY what diet to do?

It’s the new year and you are all geared up to start a new diet plan.  As you begin to scour the internet you see many diet theories pop up and tout that it is the best thing since sliced bread.  The most frequent question I get is what is the best diet – should I go vegan? Keto it up? Balance? Fast?  All have shown great success, each has proven to be better than the next, and each has shown the danger side of the other…. With so many conflicting studies and trials, it’s hard to know what is the best diet.  The best starting point is not to figure out which is the best diet, but instead the best diet for YOU! 

 Which diet plan will be most enjoyable for you…

When we assess the results of a diet, most participants have followed the diet religiously for a period of at least 30 days – I think if you were to follow any of the above diets for 30 days you too would feel better and get results.  Knowing that all diets will yield success – it’s best to find the plan that you see enjoyable and easy so that your efforts can be lasting. 

 Watch extremes

Recently we have fallen into the extreme trap – only organic, non-animal based, no carbs or simply no food.  Extremes will yield results quickly – but they are very hard to stick with – and thus as fast as the results come they also go!  Currently, we have seen a large increase in orthorexia – an eating disorder that has one obsessing on the quality of food.  This can soon take over the joy of eating, and intensify mental health disorders.  Extremes also tend to go both ways – extreme diets tend to be the biggest bingers.

 Don’t point the finger

The diet industry is all about pointing the finger, fat is bad for your heart, sugars cause fat storage, animals are not meant to be eaten – usually this is lead by manufacturers as a way to sell a food product, but many of us get sucked on food negativity. Choose to eat vegan because you love vegetables, or keto because good fats make you feel great!  Focusing on what you can have vs what you can’t will lead to a great variety of food choices and a love vs hate for your diet plan.

 If you are going to pick a diet plan – ensure you cover all corners

Most diets will lack something – protein, calories, fat, or specific vitamins.  Ensure that your diet plan injects the missing parts with either unique food items or supplementation.

 Before you pick a diet – get to know you…

Recently we had 30 patients participate in a metabolic typing diet – this allowed the participants to understand diet patterns, exercise trends and their mental state in specific diet plans.  Metabolic typing is not a blood test – instead it is a series of questions based on digestibility and food preferences.  It allowed many participants to tailor the best-suited diet plan – those who struggle with fat digestion would not do well on a keto plan whereas a fast oxidizer would struggle with fasting.  Metabolic typing is a great tool to point you in the best diet direction.


Need a little help?  MCC offers over 20 diet plans – our team can help you determine the best diet plan and provide the support tools to ensure your success…