Mary’s Story

Before coming into the MCC program, I was 15lbs over-weight with a ‘muffin top’ waistline and physically out of shape. I was tiring too quickly and had little muscle strength in my arms and legs. I’m not tall, so my physique was more round than long. I had spent the last year tending to my terminally ill mother, so my health was not a priority.

I liked the nutrition and fitness combination offered at MCC. I was committed to attending the fitness classes I signed up for. The wide variety of fitness classes offered on a multitude of different days and times was a big plus for me too (although I have since settled into a die-hard 6am-er!). MCC environment is that of one big family. I felt welcomed right from the beginning in all aspects offered (nutrition advisors, fitness instructors and fitness ‘buddies’)

I love everything to do with the 6am classes – the instructor (Andrea is awesome!), my fitness buddies, the workout (yes, even that! – it’s different every time – so fun!) and the multitude of choices for fitness classes throughout the month.

I lost 20lbs and I can keep up with Andrea’s 6am workouts (most days!). I am doing exercises that I never thought I could. It’s a great feeling – I’m even jogging! I finally found the place where I can commit to working out and have that constant nutrition support with people who make you feel like family.

Just do it! Show up. You are not alone here.

-Mary S

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